What is Joules?

Joules is a self sustainable smart contract

What do I need?

You'll need your own wallet address which you can get here.

You'll also need the Google Chrome plugin, ATHMask

How does it work?

Joules works by paying dividends out to it's stake holders.

What happens with my ATH?

When you Deposit Atheios to the contract you are issued joules(stake). Overtime you will be issued dividends, you can either claim or reinvest your earnings. If you claim your dividends the ATH will be sent to your address. But if you reinvest your dividends you will will recieve more joules(stake) which will yield to a higher dividends payout.

Where does my profit come from?

The fees allow for dividends payouts to be sustainable.

What's the math behind Joules?

*Deposit fee: Amount/(100/7) = deposit fee - (14.28%)

*Withdrawal fee: Amount/(100/4) = withdrawal fee - (25%)

*Stake Calculation: stakeValue + ((100/7)/totalstake)

*TotalStake is calculated by: totalstake issued + Stake increment

Why would I invest in Joules?

Joules gives you the opportunity to grow your investment by reinvesting your dividends that recieve (which increases your overall stake)= higher dividend payouts or you could look at it as passive income where you'd just claim your dividends and do what you wish with them. The possiblities are endless.

More info can be found on the official page!

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